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We are a professional landscape contractor in Michigan and will do site grading (slope adjusting) near house foundations to correct drainage issues. We know how much slope is needed to grade properly to keep water away from your foundation and water out of your basement. Site grading away from a home’s foundation with the proper slant is one of the best solutions for yard drainage issues. Often inadequate landscape drainage isn’t corrected so easily. If your site is situated at the foot of a slope, grading the ground along the foundation may not be enough. There are ways to remove water away from your foundation by using a French drain.

A French drain could be the solution to your problems. A French Drain is a cost effective and quickly installed solution for carrying excess water away from flood prone areas. with a French Drain the water can be directed to areas in your garden that would benefit from the extra moisture, existing rain water systems, or it can be directed into a dry well. A French drain is a trough covered with gravel or stone and it works to redirects surface and groundwater away from a region. French drains can also be used in conjunction with retaining walls to keep water from pooling in areas.

"Great Job! Great Crew! I am so looking forward to being able to hang out in my back yard! Rain or Shine! Tony was very informative and answered all my questions. Job was finished in a timely manner. Highly recommend Tony and his crew!"

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