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Retaining Walls

Design and installation of retaining walls, garden walls, freestanding walls & landscape edging.


 Find out how we can help you transform your landscape with custom retaining walls.

stone amphitheatre retaining wall

stone retaining wasll

Stone Amphitheatre Retaining Wall

Stone retaining walls are walls used for supporting soil laterally so that it can be retained to not erode downhill.  

Stone Retaining Wall

large boulder garden border

Stone Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are designed to restrain dirt and soil on a slope that it would not naturally stay in place.

Retaining Wall in Landscape Design

landscape design

Retaining Wall in Landscape Design

We design and install retaining walls for residential and commercial project through site analysis, budget proposals, and implementation. 

Retaining Wall with Brick Paver Walkway

lovely walkway and stone border 

Retaining Wall with Brick Paver Walkway

The first step is arranging for site grading  services. We can clear the way for foundations, pool, or any other excavating project you have.

Uses of Retaining Walls

Why add a retaining wall...

There are many reasons for adding a retaining wall to your sloped yard.
Preventing soil erosion & stabilizing the soil. A retaining wall will redistribute soil and stop the shift of soil.
Retaining walls are also a beautiful addition to your landscape. Using beautiful stone or brick pavers and plantings you add visual interest to your yard. Not to mention ease of care and mowing a sloped lawn. 

Michigan Retaining Wall Design and Installation

Retaining Walls - Beautiful and Useful Landscape Additions

Whether you need small, cosmetic improvements in your yard, or have major projects in mind, we can help you achieve your landscaping vision. We can install landscaping edging, raised planting beds, and walls to protect specimen plantings.

We can also provide solutions to help tame a slope, solve erosion problems due to inclines, or add interest to flat, featureless spaces. A retaining wall is not only functional, but adds beauty and value to your home.

“Tony and his team did a beautiful job installing a boulder retention wall on our property. He also installed a French drain system and consulted with us on various other things. Tony is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and has fair prices. We look forward to working with him again in the future.”
Tarah – Bloomfield, Michigan

Retaining Wall Installation

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