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Wheelchair Ramps

Brick Paver Handicap Accessible Entry Ramps That Add Beauty to Your Landscape


 Add a handi-cap accessible entry,
beautify the front entrance, & increase value of your home.

A Wheelchair Ramp Doesn't Have to Look Like One

Usually homes are built with stairs at the front entry. More and more people are needing a ramp with the aging population and the disabilities on the rise. Most handicap ramps are made of wood or metal structures that are very unsightly. Form takes a backseat to function. Not anymore with Higher Ground Landscaping and their custom designed handicap brick paver entry ramps. 

You would never know it functions as a wheelchair ramp... Beautiful!
Brick Paver Handicap Entry Ramp
Handicap Ramp Alternative - Paver Installation

Wheelchair Accessible Entrance

Add beautiful brick pavers vs an unsightly wood or metal structure...

You can have a beautiful front entrance with a wheelchair ramp. We design and build a paver ramp to your front door that looks more like an upgrade than a functional ramp. It has the perfect slope, regardless how long or short your current walkway is. We can curve and design so that there is no worry about too steep of a slope.

Michigan wheelchair ramp of pavers

Add Beauty, Functionality, and Value to Your Home 

Now have wheelchair access to your front door and beautiful curb appeal. The ramp is made of pavers that slope from the front door to the driveway. We create curves and angles to make the custom ramp that works best for your family member and looks best for your landscape design. A quality, functional ramp has plenty of space, no drop-offs, and a gradual, subtle slope.

Handrails are not ADA required for family residential purposes. They aren’t necessary with a gradual slope and no drop-offs. We design for maximum functionality and safety.

Handicap / Wheelchair Ramp 


Michigan Contractor for Brick Paver Wheelchair Ramps    -   Beautify Your Entry with a Paver or Stone Handicap Gentle Sloped Walkway

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