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French Drains for
Yard Drainage Issues  in Michigan

Drainage Solutions and Installation
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Common Drainage Problems and Solutions

Down spouts from gutters empty near foundations  - Tie down spouts into a drainage system 
Ground water around foundations - Surface and subsurface drainage
Low spots in yard - Surface drains
Contoured landscape design - Surface drains 
Driveway slopes into garage - Install channel drain in front of garage
Hardscape slopes toward building - Install channel drain next to building
Retaining walls - Weep holds, French drains and surface drains
Raised planters -  Weep holds, French drains and surface drains
Soggy non sloped or flat surface - French drain 

French Drains

A Permanent Solution to Your Yard Drainage Issues!

A French is a ditch filled with gravel/rock or a perforated pipe that redirects surface water and groundwater away from a wet problem area. It is a sure way to keep water from pooling in your yard or driveway or entering your foundation. 
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French Drain System for Yard Drainage

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Yard Drainage French Drain System
French Drain Installation Michigan

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