Michigan Yard Drainage Contractor


Michigan Yard Drainage Contractor

We are one of the leading landscape drainage companies in Michigan. We use quality NDS products to protect property against water damage caused by excess rainwater or irrigation.  We offer free consultations and will explain your yard drainage issue in detail.

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Standing Water in Yards

Drainage systems capture water runoff and carry the water away from any structure or unwanted area. We use different drain size capacities depending on the level of standing water and storm runoff. We use a catch basin to capture and store standing water in low spots in your yard, allowing the water to slowly percolate back into the ground. These catch basins connect to drain pipes to drain larger areas. You will usually need a larger capacity drainage system for areas with a lot of rainfall or areas that have a high clay or silt content in the soil.

Yard Drainage Problems

catch basin

Catch Basin

Downspout  Drainage Problems

Downspouts and rain gutters can be a contributor to a serious drainage problem around your foundation. Gutters collect all the water falling over the surface area of your roof and they channel it to downspouts.  The downspouts can end too close to  the foundation and this causes a concentrated amount of water around your structure.  The water then soaks into the ground and collects at your foundation. It is essential that the rainwater drains away from the house and foundation. The water needs to be directed to a place away from the home to keep the property from being damaged.

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Michigan Yard Drainage Contractor

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