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Storm Water Runoff Solutions in Michigan. Current research indicates that a well maintained landscape can enhance the value of a home by 15%. On the other hand a inadequately maintained landscape can lead to expensive water damage to the structure of the house. Installing a drainage system to avoid water damage is much less costly than repairing the water damage itself. Given the destructive effect that water has on house structures and landscapes, every yard needs a appropriate drainage system in the landscape.

michigan yard water issue solutions Downspout Catch Basin. One of the major sources of runoff water in a Michigan landscape is the down spout that funnels large volumes of water from the roof to the immediate area around the house and yard. Without the correct drainage system the water will ultimately cause costly damage to the house or yard. michigan downspout and gutter installation and drainage One way of redirecting the water away from the home and yard is to attach the down spout directly to a drain pipe covered in the landscape. The downside to this method is that leaves and debris from the roof are carried through the down shout and into the drain pipe that ultimately leads to clogging of the drainage system. The best way to redirect the water from a downspout is to install a catch basin either directly beneath the down spout or away from the downspout but in line with the drain pipe to which the downspout is connected. The catch basin in the yard will catch all the debris from the roof before it clogs the drain pipe. downspout-catch-basin michigan Without a drainage system the root system of flowers and other susceptible plants can be damaged by over watering and can produce health and safety issues. Installing a catch basin in flower beds will eliminate excess water before the root system of the flowers are ruined and injured.
atruim-drain-michiganA catch basin has a sump area to catch debris before it enters the drain pipe. Catch basins installed in Michigan flower beds in the yard should be used with atrium grates rather than flat grates. The debris and mulch in a flower bed tend to cover and clog the top of a flat grate. An atrium grate is domed above the landscape so it doesn’t get covered and clogged by debris and mulch. Atrium grates should only be used in areas in the yard where there is no traffic.

catch-basin Puddles In The Landscape. Landscape naturally absorbs runoff water until it becomes saturated and water starts to puddle throughout the lawn. Using catch basins at various locations throughout the landscape and lawn can get rid of puddling by allowing the excess water to be collected and redirected to safer areas in the yard. yard-drainage-catch-basin Channel Drain. Channel drains are long and narrow drains installed within the concrete of the driveway or patio. Channel sizes vary from 1’ to 12’ in width. Like a roof gutter, channel drains accumulate large volumes of water that run across hard surfaces before it can puddle or flow into the inside of the house or adjoining landscape.


Discharge. Water from the drainage system is normally discharged through a drain pipe to the street. Animating the drain pipe with a pop up emitter will avert debris, small animals and insects from entering the pipe. The pop up emitter has a spring loaded lid that automatically opens with the hydrostatic force of water flowing through the drain pipe. As the water flow diminishes the emitter closes again. Another method to drain the water is by slowly percolating or leaching it back into the yard with a flow well. The flow well is a large plastic container buried in the landscape that allows water to gradually leach out into the subsoil and stop the pollutants from being washed out to the streets. As water flows over roof tops and paved surfaces and flower beds it picks up a range of pollutants including oil, grease, chemicals, metals, and bacteria. By discharging the water into the street the pollutants are carried to the city’s main storage drainage system and into ponds, lakes, and oceans. Numerous cities have required that storm water be restricted within the property to decrease pollution of resources. The installation of appropriate drainage systems add value to the property and protect it from water damage. We use quality NDS drainage products and we have a solution for all your drainage problems.

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