Plantings, Hedges and Flower Gardens

Perennial Gardens

perennial garden planting  Michigan

There is nothing more enjoyable to any homeowner than a perennial garden. A well planned garden increases in beauty every year, while decreasing in the amount of time required for maintenance.

The perennial garden is designed to provide a feast for the eyes in every season of the year. From the blooms provided by snowdrops growing through the last drifts of snow in spring, to the bright stems of dogwood and curly branches of contorted hazelnut in the winter, a well designed perennial garden is a joy in every season.

Let us help you design the garden that will provide you endless enjoyment for the years to come.

A perennial garden keeps you looking forward to the next season, and increases in value and beauty with every year.

Foundation Plantings

Foundation plantings originally were to hide the foundation and basement of a home.  Shrubs were an excellent choice.  Foundation plantings can also help with cooling and heating your home.  They also absorb noise and can block headlights. Foundation plantings can also bring you added privacy. a good  reason for foundation plantings are for the completed aesthetic of the home.  Foundation plantings can also raise the value of a home and add much needed curb appeal.


Hedge Along Walkway in Birmingham Michigan

Hedge Along Walkway in Birmingham Michigan

Planting a hedge next to the sidewalk can help break up the expanse of a large lawn. It can also stop shortcuts through your grass. It can give your home a completely different look, from stately to whimsical. A hedge can also visually separate the house from the street and give the home a framed visual appeal. You can also increase the look of your entrance with hedges and ornamental plantings.

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